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EmbodiFi: Relax and Dream with Butterflies. 🦋✨ Bedtime game to play with your little one!

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Are you ready for a super fun and relaxing game to play with your kid before bedtime?

Have your kid lie down in the coziest position, close their eyes, and imagine a beautiful outdoor place with sunshine, grass, and flowers. Now, ask your kid to imagine a cute little butterfly flying down from the sky and landing gently on their shoulder. What color is the butterfly? It can be red, yellow, or even sparkling rainbow colors! This friendly butterfly is here to help your kid relax.

As the butterfly lands on different parts of your kid's body, place the tips of your fingers there and invite your kid to relax those areas. The butterfly will move from the shoulders to the hands, knees, toes, belly, and nose, and your kid can relax each part as the butterfly lands on them. Your kid can also notice how their entire body has relaxed during this journey.

Finally, the butterfly slowly crawls over your kid's face along their cheek. It's almost time to say goodbye to the butterfly friend. Give the little friend a gentle air kiss as it flies away, and wish it goodnight.

Sleep well, and have sweet dreams!



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