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Let's explore the fascinating world of guided play, informed by the polyvagal theory



Relax and unwind together with your kids!

Get ready to have some fun while we dive into experiential practices that incorporate playful and engaging activities designed to balance your family's nervous system and enhance social interaction.

Let's explore the fascinating world of guided play, informed by the polyvagal theory!

Tools we use

We have a whole bunch of tricks up our sleeves to help you feel your best!

Guided play

Fun, exploratory, interactive, intentional, supportive. 


Mindful, meditative, calming,



Tactile, communicative, comforting,


Somatic meditation

Embodied, grounding, restorative, self-exploratory.

What to expect

Somatic sessions for family are a unique and transformative experience that can help families deepen their connections with one another and enhance their overall well-being.

We structure each session into four parts, beginning with a playful and engaging introduction (which could be anything from a game to some gentle self-massage), followed by guided play. Then we move into breathwork before wrapping up with a soothing somatic meditation to leave you feeling calm and centered.

As our session comes to a close, we'll provide you with some helpful guidelines for using drawing as a way to continue integrating your experience on your own time after our session is over.

We will share some written notes after the session.

Polyvagal theory

Polyvagal theory is a theory in neuroscience that helps explain how the nervous system responds to stress and regulates bodily functions.

Imagine you're a cartoon character and your body has a secret control panel with three buttons: one for 'chill out', one for 'fight or flight', and one for 'play dead'. Depending on what's going on around you, your body decides which button to push to keep you safe and sound.

Polyvagal theory suggests that we can regulate our nervous system through practices like breathing exercises, meditation, and movement. By practicing these techniques, we can improve our ability to self-regulate and manage our emotions and physiological responses.


These sessions are for children and teens ages 5 to 18 with at least one parent. Additional parent(s) and siblings are welcome to participate, up to six members per family. 


Duration of one session is 50 min

Price range of 5 sessions is 175-275 eur

Price range of 10 sessions is 320-520 eur

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