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Somatic Movement Therapy Online | INGRIDA DANYTE

Reclaim the full power of your aliveness

Learn how with a passionate somatic movement therapist and researcher
Passionate somatic movement therapist and researcher INGRIDA DANYTE, dip. IBMT, RSMT


Our bodies have a story to share

Within each of us, a unique story unfolds - a narrative told through inner and outer movements, sensations, the melody of our voices, the inner and outer landscapes of our bodies. I believe in delving deep into this tale, exploring the wisdom that resides within.


As a passionate somatic movement therapist, I guide you on a journey of discovery, unlocking the potential for healing, transformation and aliveness.

Best way to get started

One on one sessions

One on one sessions

Discover healing in individual sessions. Journey inward to release tension, restore balance, and find renewal through mindful movement. Empower your well-being today!

Online NeuroFlow class

Online NeuroFlow class

Explore Somatic Therapy & Polyvagal Theory. Deepen self-connection, get to know your unique nervous system language, and practice self-regulation. Join us in the journey of healing through practice and learning!

EmbodiFi  for kids and families

for kids and families

Nurture parent-child bond through online somatic movement therapy. Cultivate a compassionate connection, enhancing body-mind awareness for children and teens. Embrace growth, together!

Free  resources


Unlock a wealth of knowledge with free resources. Access articles, guides, and tools to enhance your understanding and practice of somatic well-being. 


Thank you!

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